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From the book’s introduction: drawn in 1973
to illustrate a poem by author’s great-aunt.

Welcome to my website.  I hope you’ll feel at home here, too.  As we say in Spanish, “Mi casa es tu casa.”


Young people are especially welcome.  My hope is that a teenager, maybe even a twelve-year-old or younger, will benefit from – that is, get a lot out of and be motivated by — what I write.  I dream of the day when my son, Gabriel, will enjoy them, too.


I’ve been writing and drawing ever since I could lift a pencil.  But publishing books and managing a website and social media are less familiar territory.  If you have any comments or suggestions, we’ve included a page for you.


God bless you and your loved ones as you explore this site, and as you go forward writing the story of your life.

-Dean McFalls




Review:  I agreed with McFalls that the Christmas stories he told needed to be written beautifully, and he certainly delivered…

The prose he wrote painted stunning pictures in my head of his life during the holiday season. Using vivid imagery, the author let us see what he experienced…Reading his rhymes reminded me of reading Dr. Seuss.

Additionally the author also utilizes humor, working nicely into the stories…

This book made me feel a wonderful range of positive emotions. I felt happy, entertained, amused and a lot of others just by reading his stories and prose.  It’s a great book for any poetry fan to read since the verses are spot-on. I think people who aren’t poetry fans will also enjoy reading this book, as it certainly appeals to a wide range of audiences. The rhyming schemes and appropriate humor make it a quick and easy read.

Delivered on Christmas definitely delivers funny stories, great prose, and laughter-inducing verses. The way McFalls writes keeps you wanting more and more, making you a little disappointed when the book ends.  I liked his writing so much, I’ve gone through and re-read some of the stories a second time…  (see Reviews and Comments page for full text)


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