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Upcoming Books

Delivered on Christmas is the first in a series of five books tracing the signs of God’s work and patient invitation to Life in Christ. In Dear Gabriel (and its Spanish translation, Querido Gabriel), Dean shares with his four year old son the legacy of what it means to be a child of God, an American of diverse ethnic background, and a boy finding his way in an ever-changing, increasingly complex world. The English book should be available by mid-December.
In From My Mother’s Womb, the author shares the evidence of Providence at work in a child’s early life: guiding, protecting, and calling him or her to a living relationship with their Creator. This book, intended for younger readers, will follow a more nuanced and multi-layered account of how the author perceived himself to be called both to family life and to priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church. “Called to be a Father” and “Another Kind of Father” will hopefully be in print by May of 2018, while From My Mother’s Womb should be available by Christmas, 2018.