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Dean McFalls

Dean McFallsjourney began in Seattle, where he and four siblings were raised in the Congregational Church UCC. During graduate studies in theology, Dean joined the Catholic Church. He has served over the years in elementary and high school education, in the missions, in international initiatives for justice and peace, as a writer, and for eighteen years as a Roman Catholic priest. He now resides in Stockton, California.

Delivered on Christmas is Dean’s first book. In 2017-18 he wrote a five-volume series, “Dear Gabriel” (see “Coming Books” page), set to be expanded and republished in 2024. Married in 2015, raising a nine-year-old son, Dean lives and works in the same city he served more than a decade as a priest, a community leader, and a police chaplain. He’s still engaged in his city’s welfare, involved at the Cathedral, and teaching on all levels (and in special education) for Stockton Unified School District of Northern California.