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The Book

May the Savior delivered in Bethlehem’s stable
deliver us all – for Our God is able!

Delivered on Christmas 2021: a captivating, multi-faceted journey of faith across five decades that changed the world. This masterful blending of storytelling, philosophy, wisdom, and spirituality features two epic Pandemic Episodes that deal with the critical issues – the dramas and traumas — of our day, highlighting signs of hope. It concludes with “Born from Above”, a comprehensive yet visionary view of God’s amazing Providence at work through life’s trials, tribulations, and tragedies.

In Delivered 2021, you’ll find stories of real life and fantasies, based on one believer’s misadventures and personal crises, closely intertwined with major historical events and woven together in an anthology of narrative, poetry, verse, humor, art, and reflection. The starting point is that enduring classic “The Night Before Christmas.” The ending point is your encounter, here and now, with the Gift of Eternal Life and the Infinite Mercy of God.

Bethlehem, Christmas Morning, 1983, after two years’ 7,000
mile pilgrimage for peace on foot. See Episode 7 in the book.


While supplies last:  Signed, dedicated and discounted copies of the original (2017) edition can be purchased directly from me, the author, for mailing addresses within the United States or Canada.  I’ll add an insert with new additions from the 2020 edition and a PDF with the epic Pandemic Episode.  Price per book: $9.00.  (Please add $3.00 US for shipping and sales tax, or if ordering more than one copy, $2.00 per book.) Contact me, Dean McFalls via:, or: P.O. Box 1000, French Camp, CA. 95231-1000, or Facebook (Dean McFalls and Books By Dean). Allow two weeks for delivery via Media Mail.  I’ll need your mailing address and email address, too.

Here’s the book’s introductory poem – a tiny sample of what’s to come:

Delivered on Christmas 2021 – the Beginning

’Twas the night before Christmas
when you opened this book:
  “Why not?” you had thought…“I’ll take a quick look…
Maybe I’ll find something special for me –
like a gift hidden carefully under the tree.”

After all, with Corona, our world’s rearranged –
there’s so little that COVID-19 hasn’t changed!
But two things we have, still, are lifelines, and hope
that God will be there, at the end of our rope!

With all that we’ve lost, and the loved ones departed,
we trust God won’t leave us storm-tossed, 1

For Christmas is New Life, and Grace from Above,
   and the Child Jesus Christ
      Heaven’s presence of Love.

So welcome, dear reader, to this book of surprises —
   this collection of poems about people in crisis.
Whether lighthearted, serious, or deep as the sea,
   these stories are gifts for you, with love, from me.

1This reference to our Statue of Liberty’s “tempest-tost” reminds us that the
Pandemic has us all out to sea, ship-wrecked, or at least deeply shaken.