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Upcoming Books

Delivered on Christmas is the first in a series of ten books tracing the signs of God’s work and patient invitation to Life in Christ. In five Dear Gabriel volumes, I shared with my five-year-old son (now nine!) the legacy of what it means to be a child of God, an American of diverse ethnic background, and a young boy finding his way in an ever-changing, increasingly complex world. Dear Gabriel, Stories of Life, Parts 1 & 2 will be available to the public in late 2023.

In From My Mother’s Womb (Christmas, 2024), I’ll share evidence of Providence at work in a child’s early life: guiding, protecting, and calling him or her to a living relationship with the Creator. “Called to be a Father” (2024) will offer a nuanced and multi-layered account of how I experienced the calling by God both to family life and to priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church. Its sequel, “Another Kind of Father”, should be available by fall of 2025.

Since Spring of 2019, I’ve been working on a more intense book, challenging the Roman Catholic hierarchy to allow some Catholic men, under certain circumstances, and with special formation, to serve as both as priests and as married men. In other words, I’m asking the Church to end its prohibition against married priests in the Latin Rite – a prohibition already relaxed since the 1980’s, as married ministers from other Christian communities have become Catholic and have been allowed to serve as ordained priests.

Challenges in my health and finances, in finding publishers, in meeting family needs, in negotiating the Pandemic, and in the ongoing turbulence within the Catholic Church have caused delays in my writing and in publishing these books. But, with the help of God and the wisdom gained through patience and perseverance, the books will be available. They will represent a significant and lasting contribution to the ongoing, ever-deepening discussion of what matters most in the 21st century and in how to put flesh on our deepest convictions.